PM Citu: Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre will generate real added value for Romania and partners

The Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre will enjoy the full support of the Romanian government, will generate real added value, beneficial to Romania and NATO and EU partners, Romania's Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Monday.

Documentary dedicated to 100th anniversary of King Mihai I's birth, at Bucharest International Film Festival

The 17th edition of the Bucharest International Film Festival will take place between September 3 and 12, and it will showcase, for the first time, a new historical section, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of King Mihai I of Romania.

Mexico Arrests Suspected Romanian Boss of ATM Skimming Network

Mexican prosecutors have announced the arrest of a man identified in Romania as a key underworld figure, Florian Tudor, suspected of runnning an international skimming operation copying credit card data.

The arrest follows an extradition request from Romania concerning charges of organised crime, extortion and aggravated attempted homicide.

Romania's Justice Ministry to take steps to extradite interloper Tudor Florian arrested in Mexico

Romania's Justice Ministry (MJ) says that it will take steps to get Tudor Florian, internationally wanted for the execution of a pre-trial arrest warrant issued by the Bucharest Tribunal, extradited to Romania from Mexico, where he was arrested on Thursday.

Cumulative COVID-19 rate continues to dip in Bucharest City; zero new cases in four counties

Bucharest City and all of Romania's counties stay in the COVID-19 green area scenario in terms of the 14-day COVID-19 cumulative rate, according to data released on Monday by the Strategic Communication Group (GCS), the official novel coronavirus communication task force. In Bucharest, the rate continues to decrease, to 0.59 cases per 1,000 population from a previous 0.67.

Prefect Alin Stoica: Target of five-million vaccinated persons by June 1, difficult, but not impossible

Bucharest Prefect Alin Stoica on Wednesday stated that the target of five million people vaccinated by June 1 is "difficult to reach, but not impossible." "The target is, let's say, difficult to reach, but not impossible. (...) I do not have an expected date. For now, the target is five million on June 1.

Royal Family marks 20th anniversary of return to Elisabeta Palace of King Mihai I and Queen Anne

The 20th anniversary of the return to Elisabeta Palace of King Mihai (Michael) of Romania and Queen Anne is marked in a documentary published on Facebook on Monday by the Royal House. "On May 18, 2001, King Mihai and Queen Anne returned home to Elisabeta Palace, having become by Parliament vote the King's residence during his lifetime.