"We are jealous, they are making big deals with Russia under wraps"

He said that rejecting criticism addressed to Budapest for co-operating with Moscow, adding that other European countries with Russia were concluding huge deals "under the wraps".
Szijjrt said in an interview with the Austrian News Agency APA that he detected double standards on this issue.

Hungary’s Municipal Elections: The Beginning of the End for Orban?

Opposition forces talked about an "electoral breakthrough" while politicians of Orban's ruling Fidesz party repeated the mantra that Fidesz remained the most popular party by far in a country dominated by orange (the colour of Fidesz).

Who is right? In fact, both were. 

Sex and the cities

Hungary’s Opposition Wins in Budapest and Other Cities

Karacsony called his victory "a lesson on democracy" after Fidesz-backed Istvan Tarlos conceded defeat, media reported.

With most ballots counted, Karacsony, 44, had the support of more than 50 per cent of voters in the capital, compared with just over 44 per cent for Tarlos, 71, mayor of Budapest since 2010.

Bulgaria Becomes an Owner of Properties in Budapest, Used by Its Embassy

The Council of Ministers proposes to the National Assembly to ratify the intergovernmental agreement with Hungary on the settlement of real estate issues for the needs of our diplomatic representation in Budapest.

The agreement was signed on April 4th in Washington.

German Flixbus Continues its Expansion in Bulgaria: Connects Plovdiv with Vienna and Budapest

FlixBus, the company with the largest bus network in Europe, continues to expand its operations in Bulgaria. The German carrier added to its network  Plovdiv, they said.

In its summer schedule company will provide daily trips from the second largest city in Bulgaria to Hungary and Austria. Plovdiv citizens will be able to travel to Szeged, Budapest and Vienna.