Budva Municipality

4 found guilty for drowning of 35 Kosovo Roma refugees

The Court of Appeals of Montenegro has found four defendants guilty for a boat accident in 1999 that resulted in the deaths of 35 Roma refugees from Kosovo.

The Miss Pat, registered to carry six passengers and two crew, had about 70 people on board when it sank near Budva, Montenegro in the summer of 1999.

Montenegro Arrests Ex-President Marovic for Corruption

The Special Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime in Montenegro ordered the arrest of the former president of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro Svetozar Marovic on Thursday.

Marovic, who chairs the political council of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, was arrested in connection to corruption cases centred on the resort of Budva.

Daughter of top ruling Montenegrin party official arrested

Several high ranking officials of the Budva municipality, including Mayor Lazar Radjenovic and city manager Milena Marovic-Bogdanovic, have been arrested.

On the orders of Montenegro's Special Organized Crime Prosecution, adviser to the prime minister Aleksandar Ticic and former municipal leaders Rajko Kuljaca and Dragan Marovic have also been detained.

President meets with representatives of Serbs in Montenegro

Serbs in Montenegro are discriminated against but they intend to be persistent in asserting their rights, their representatives told Tomislav Nikolic on Monday.

They organized a reception for the Serbian president after the summit of leaders of the Brdo-Brioni Process in Budva and informed him about the problems they are facing.