In April: Bulgarians Traveled the most to Neighboring Countries

The trips of Bulgarian citizens abroad in April were 675 thousand, or 14.3% more than those registered in April 2022, according to the data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

Travels for the purpose of tourism are growing the most - by 30.5%.

The largest number of trips by Bulgarian citizens were made to:

Bulgaria: A GERB Government would have Experts from DPS and “There Is Such a People”

GERB-SDS will accept experts from the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS) and "There Is Such a People" (TISP) for a government, after the two formations have expressed support for an expert cabinet. This was announced on Nova TV by MP Temenuzka Petkova who confirmed that there are currently talks about its composition.

WCC-DB begin work on Implementation of the Second Mandate and Talks on changing the Bulgarian Constitution

"We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" begin active work for the implementation of a cabinet with the second term, as well as talks with all political forces in the parliament to change the Constitution and the management model of the prosecutor's office.

Summer Holiday in Bulgaria: Visitors can now Prepay Online for Umbrellas and Sunbeds on the Beach

A new mobile application will allow visitors of Bulgaria's beaches to pay in advance for an umbrella and sunbed. It will be active from June 1. "As far as I know, it will be similar to the apps that pay for stadium seats or movie tickets. Just like paying for hotel rooms through other types of apps. It will be just as fast, easy and simple to use.

Bulgaria: The President handed the Mandate to form a Government to Mariya Gabriel and GERB

President Rumen Radev handed the first exploratory mandate to form a GERB-SDS government to the candidate for Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel.

After receiving the folder, Mariya Gabriel announced that she would do everything in her power in order for Bulgaria to have a working government - an expert cabinet with a clear program and goals.