Bulgaria: Over 80% Drop in Restaurant Turnover after Introduction of the "Green Certificate"

Over 80% drop in restaurant turnover was observed in the first two days after the "green certificate" became mandatory for visiting places for dining and entertainment, according to data from the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association, the Association of Restaurants in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Association of Establishments.

The European Commission Started an Evaluation of the Bulgarian Recovery Plan

The European Commission has started an evaluation of the Plan for Reconstruction and Development of Bulgaria, said the spokesman of the European Commission Eric Mamer. The document was submitted to the Commission on 15 October.

Mammer declined to comment on whether the evaluation could be completed before the end of the year or continue thereafter.


Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Admitted that he Waited until the Last Moment to Introduce Measures

The caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev made a dramatic address to the nation, urging Bulgarians to follow the measures so that the health care system does not collapse. He acknowledged that the government had made a mistake by waiting until the last minute to announce new restrictive measures.

80% of Bulgarians do not Know their Country’s Position on the "Green Deal"

A poll shows that 80 percent of people in Bulgaria do not know the Bulgarian position on the so-called "Green Deal".

Under this name are known the new climate goals of the European Union, which provide for the economy to gradually become independent of coal as an energy source.

Brussels will Support Bulgaria if it Decides to Complete Nuclear Power Plant “Belene”

Brussels will stand behind Bulgaria if it decides to complete the Belene NPP. This is clear from the words of Vice President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans. He assures that nuclear energy will play a role in the future that the EC has nothing against its use, but each country must decide for itself.

The European Commission Received the Recovery Plan from Bulgaria. What's Next?

The European Commission received today an official Recovery and Sustainability plan from Bulgaria. The plan identifies the reforms and public investment projects that Bulgaria plans to implement with the support of the Reconstruction and Sustainability Mechanism.