Bulgarian Air Force

Poland Delivers First Two Engines for Repair of Bulgaria's MiG-29 Jets

The first two engines which will be used for repair of six Bulgarian MiG-29 fighter jets were delivered at the Graf Ignatievo air base on Tuesday.

This is in line with the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement signed between Bulgaria and Poland in October.

According to the agreement, six Bulgarian engines will be repaired in Poland until the middle of next year.

First Two Engines for Repair of Bulgaria's MiG-29 Jets Expected to Arrive on Tuesday

The first two engines to be used in the repair of the Bulgarian MiG-29 fighter jets are expected to arrive from Poland on Tuesday.

Bulgaria and Poland signed an intergovernmental agreement on the repair of six of the country's fighter jets in October.

Poland will loan out two engines for temporary use until two of the Bulgarian engines are being repaired.

Bulgarian Cabinet Proposes Legal Changes Allowing for Joint Air Policing Missions

The Bulgarian government approved at its regular meeting on Wednesday a bill amending and supplementing the Defence and Armed Forces Act, which would allow for joint air policing missions to safeguard the country's airspace.

The bill was tabled for review and approval by the parliament, the press service of the government informs.

Bulgaria Earmarks 2016 Budget Money for New Fighter Jets in - FinMin

Bulgaria's Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov said on Friday funding for the update of military capabilities has been set aside in the budget draft for next year.

This includes installments on the prospective acquisition of new multirole aircraft for the Bulgarian Air Force, but also frigates for the navy.