Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

Bomb Scare Shuts Down Hotel in Bulgaria's Black Sea Resort

A bomb threat at a hotel in Bulgaria's Black Sea Resort of Albena has caused the evacuation of all the tourists and the staff, Wednesday night.

The police station in the resort received a signal on May 28, according to local media reports. No explosives were found in the hotel, still it was shut down for 24 hours and is guarded by the authorities.

Bulgaria's Black Sea Resort Albena Opens Beach Library

For the second consecutive year, Bulgaria's Black Sea resort Albena has opened the season of reading with the first EU beach library.

The library is located on the beach and on its shelves are arranged over 6000 volumes in more than 15 languages. It is completely free and offers world classics, thrillers, mysteries, romantic readings, memoirs.

Bulgaria's Black Sea Island St. Anastasia Opens for Tourists

Bulgaria's Black Sea island St. Anastasia, off the coast of Burgas, opens for tourists on May 15, report Bulgarian-language media. 

On the island, previously known as Bolshevik and used as a political prison in the communist era, is the only surviving island monastery from the Middle Ages in the western Black Sea. 

Sunny Beach Again Is the Cheapest Resort for Brits

Bulgaria's seaside resort Sunny Beach is again the cheapest beach resort for Brits, shows a survey of the British daily Telegraph and Post Office's Holiday Costs Barometer. 

According to the newspaper, one day in Sunny Beach, including 10 tourist staples, including meals and drinks and sunscreen would cost GBP 43.26. 

Sunny Beach Hotel Owners Demand Stiff Fines for Balconing

The Union of hotel owners in Sunny Beach demands that the state introduces fines for balconing. 

Last summer in result of jumping from the hotel balcony into the swimming pool or between balconies, in the Black Sea resort died several foreign tourists. 

The hotel owners propose that the fine be at least EUR 300 and be imposed by police.