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Bulgaria: Galloping Inflation - What Foods Have Become More Expensive and how Much

Foods prices are skyrocketing and break all records. In the latest news release of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (CFSBT) 37 observed products 26 have become more expensive, 9 are now cheaper and two are unchanged. In doing so, the committee only monitors wholesale prices, which are averaged for the country.

Currency Exchange Bureau in Sunny Beach Scams Tourists

A new scam at the seaside. In an exchange office in the resort of Sunny Beach foreign currencies were exchanged with old Bulgarian banknotes.

The incident took place on the morning of August 16 on the central alley in the resort. At a street exchange, a Moldovan received for the amount of 150 euros its equivalent in Bulgarian levs - 300 levs (BGN), but an old issue of banknotes.

Bulgaria’s Exports Dwindle by 1,7 Percent Year-on-Year in First Two Months of 2021

In the period January - February 2021, the total value of all the goods exported from Bulgaria amounted to 9.6 billion leva, about 1.7 per cent less than in January - February 2020, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said on April 13, citing preliminary data.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Finance: Our Country Will Join Eurozone in 2024

"We expect our country to join the eurozone in 2024. The main tasks of the Bulgarian Government on the way to achieving this goal are related to the fulfilment of the subsequent commitments under the Roadmap after the accession of the Bulgarian Lev to ERM II, as of July 10, 2020. 

140 Years Since the Establishment of Bulgarian Lev

Today marks 140 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian lev.

On June 4, 1880, the Law on the Right to Cut Coins in the Principality of Bulgaria was promulgated and entered into force, the BNB announced. This law created the national currency "lev", divided into one hundred parts - "stotinki", and determined the weight, metal content and images of Bulgarian coins.

Ministry of Justice Asked the UAE for the Extradition of Vasil Bozhkov

On February 15, 2020, the Ministry of Justice sent the request of the Prosecutor General for the extradition of Vasil Bozhkov to the Bulgarian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The documents translated into Arabic were also sent.

The letter of Minister Danail Kirilov to the UAE Minister of Justice and the extradition documents will be transmitted through diplomatic channels.