Bulgarian mafia

Head of Bulgaria’s National Electricity Company Resigned

The Head of Bulgaria's National Electricity Company EAD, Petar Iliev, on 19th of June resigned, Bulgarian Energy Holding said.

Iliev submitted the resignation to the correspondence department of the Bulgarian Energy Holding. According to information of the BNR, he steps down from the post for personal reasons.

September 9 - One of the Most Controversial Dates in Bulgarian History

September 9 marks 73 years since one of the most controversial dates in Bulgaria's modern history. On that day in 1944 the Fatherland Front led by PM Kimon Georgiev seized political power in Bulgaria.

Soon after that the commonest regime took over and the communist party stood at the helm of the country until November 1989.

Row Deepens over Citizen's Arrests of Migrants in Bulgaria

Video footage showing the detention of migrants in Southern Bulgaria done by volunteer squads has added to controversy in a country divided over the treatment of migrants trying to cross its borders.

The footage purportedly shows three men, supposedly from Afghanistan, lying on the ground with their hands tied behind their backs.