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Bulgaria Marks 200 Years from the Birth of Great Bulgarian Revolutionary Georgi Rakovski

Today Bulgaria celebrates the birth of Geori Rakovski but the entire 2021 is devoted to his name.

It is 200 years since the birth of the ideologue, organizer and leader of the national liberation movement in Bulgaria and 40 years since the construction of the Pantheon of the revolutionary in his hometown.

Bulgaria: Everyone Love Slavi Now, But What He Is Up To?

When the wheel of post-election roulette stopped spinning instead of a fragmented and impossible-to-assemble cabinet, the second week after the vote strted with a dangerously clean horizon. For the first time in the new history of our National Assembly, a possible government can be supported by absolutely all parliamentary groups.

Bulgaria: Slavi Trifonov Quarantined, Tested Positive for Covid-19 – Deputy Leader of There Is Such a People

A deputy leader of the party formed around cable television presenter Slavi Trifonov, whose actions now are crucial to whether or not a new government of Bulgaria is formed, claimed on April 10 that Trifonov had tested positive for Covid-19 and was in quarantine.

Maya Manolova: Borissov Wants to Stay in Power for Life

Boyko Borissov insists on convening the Grand National Assembly to remain prime minister for life, wrote leader of "Stand up.bg" Maya Manolova on Facebook commenting on the today's proposal of the Prime Minister to convene the Grand National Assembly.

In her words, it's the second time that Borissov uses the Constitution as a means for him to stay in power.

Bulgarians Abroad Voted for Slavi and Conservative Alliance of Right

"There Is Such a People", Democratic Bulgaria (DB) and Conservative Alliance of the Right (KOD) have the highest voter support among Bulgarians abroad, according to interim data as of 06:30 am, with 80.86% processed protocols. GERB and BSP are in fourth and sixth place respectively.

"There Is Such a People" gets 28.46% of the votes.

Democratic Bulgaria is with 16.71%

Investments in Bulgaria Grow in Defiance of Pandemic: PM Borissov

"Despite the pandemic, investments in Bulgaria not only do not shrink, but are even growing. We have very well-qualified workers, we have highway, rail, energy infrastructure, we also boast the lowest tax rates in Europe. This stability leads to an increase in GDP and hence people's incomes in all sectors."

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister: Further Restrictions Are Imminent If Hospitals Are Overloaded

The trend for an increase in Covid-19 cases in our country is persisting, the British version of the virus is making younger people sick and therefore, if necessary, additional measures will be put in place, the government press service announced.