Bulgarian Socialist Party

Bulgaria's Elections: 94% of Protocols Processed, GERB Retains Lead

The latest interim results of Bulgaria's National Assembly elections affirm the previously reported distribution of power, with nearly 94% of the protocols processed.

Leading the pack is the GERB coalition, securing first place with 24.63% of the vote, followed closely by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) in second place with 15.89%.

Bulgaria: Pre-Election Survey Shows Over 10% Gap Between the First and Second Positions

A Gallup International Balkan survey conducted for the Bulgarian National Radio provides insights into voter sentiment just two days before the upcoming elections in Bulgaria. The survey sampled 1,003 adult Bulgarians through face-to-face interviews with tablets from May 29 to June 4.

Bulgarian Pre-Election Polls: GERB Holds Strong Lead, 'Revival' Secures the Second Place

According to a recent survey conducted by the Mediana sociological agency, GERB leads the pre-election polls in Bulgaria with a 14% lead over the second-placed "Revival". If the elections were held today, nearly 29 percent of Bulgarians would cast their votes for GERB, while "Revival" would receive nearly 15%.

Pre-Election Nonsense: Socialist Candidate Proposes Bulgaria's Role in EU-Russia-Ukraine Peace Talks

Hristo Prodanov, a candidate deputy from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), asserts that Bulgaria has the capacity to initiate and facilitate peace talks between the EU, Russia, and Ukraine. Speaking on Nova News TV, Prodanov affirmed the BSP's commitment to fulfilling election promises and prioritizing social policies, particularly the enhancement of pensions and citizens' incomes.

Survey: GERB Set to Dominate Next Parliament with 80 Deputies, WCC-DB to Lose More Seats

The upcoming composition of the 50th National Assembly projects GERB to secure 80 seats, a slight increase from their current 69. Conversely, the WCC-DB alliance is anticipated to experience a decline, dropping from 64 representatives to 55 in the subsequent parliament.

Bulgarian Socialist Party Leader Commemorates Victory Day and Europe Day with Call for Peace

As Bulgaria marks both Victory Day and Europe Day, Kornelia Ninova, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), took a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made during World War II and the enduring quest for peace on the continent.

Survey Reveals Electoral Trends in Bulgaria: GERB Dominates, WCC-DB Faces Significant Decline

A survey conducted by "Alpha Research" has unveiled significant shifts in Bulgaria's political landscape ahead of the highly anticipated National Assembly elections. The findings shed light on the complex dynamics shaping voter preferences and the evolving fortunes of political parties across the country.