Bulgarian Socialist Party

New Triple Coalition? Borissov Open to the Idea of an Expert Cabinet: GERB - BSP after New Elections, DPS Agrees

The leadership meeting organized by the parliamentary group, the receiver of the third mandate to form a government - BSP - began in the National Assembly.

The chairwoman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova talked about management priorities with the leaders of GERB Boyko Borissov, DPS Mustafa Karadayi and "Bulgarian Rise" Stefan Yanev.

Bulgaria’s President: The Nexo Scandal did not influence my Decision when choosing a Party for the Third Mandate

President Rumen Radev commented that BSP will do everything possible to fulfill the third mandate. The head of state said he was not guided by the Nexo scandal in choosing which party to give the last chance to form a cabinet because he had already made up his mind.

“We Continue the Change” discussed their Declaration of Priorities - Which Parties will Support it?

"We Continue the Change" held a meeting with the parliamentary parties in connection with obtaining the second mandate and the national priorities for forming a government. BSP, "Democratic Bulgaria", "Bulgarian Rise" and "Vazrazhdane" came to the meeting.

The Ambassadors of Russia and Belarus will Not Receive Invitations to the Opening of the 48th Bulgarian Parliament

The ambassador of Russia and Eleonora Mitrofanova and the temporarily acting ambassador of the embassy of Belarus in Bulgaria Nikita Leshukov will not receive invitations to the opening of the 48th National Assembly.

This was announced by Nadezhda Yordanova from "Democratic Bulgaria" after a meeting of the parliamentary parties in the parliament.

BSP Leader Vows to Not Give Weapons to Ukraine If She’s in a Future Cabinet

"Today, the Ukrainian ambassador demanded that Bulgaria change its previous position and start exporting weapons to Ukraine. This statement proves that we have not exported arms to them so far and refutes the whole manipulative, lying, organized and paid campaign on this subject against me personally, against the former ministry team and the regular government."

BSP Leader: Radev has a Male Complex towards the Woman who made him President of Bulgaria

"I read an interesting comment by a political scientist. He said this - 'President Radev has a complex towards the people who created him'. There is probably something like that - a male complex towards the woman who made him president."

This was commented on bTV by the chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Kornelia Ninova.