Study shows 1 in 2 employees have experienced sexual harassment in workplace

Over half the participants in a study conducted by the Social Action and Innovation Centre (KMOP) in Greece reported having experienced sexual harassment in their professional lives.

The study is part of a wider European initiative, "Teamwork," that seeks to combat sexual harassment in the workplace.

Hellenic Post raising awareness about bullying at schools

Schools across the country are being supplied with stamps carrying the "Stop Bullying" slogan by the Hellenic Post (ELTA) on the occasion of the recent release of the commemorative series of stamps "Children and Stamps," which is dedicated to putting an end to the problem of bullying at schools.

Albania Govt Moves Again to Toughen Defamation Penalties

The Ministry of Justice in Albania on Thursday said it is working on changes to the penal code that include upping the fines to 4.5 million leks (36,000 euros) for defamation, and extending responsibility not only to journalists but also to editors and directors of media outlets and others.

IntMin Vela says Covid-19 disinformation campaigns funded, can lead to economic destabilisation

Interior Minister Marcel Vela said on Monday evening that disinformation published online denying the existence of the novel coronavirus is part of a financed campaign that can lead to economic destabilisation. "The information war, if you will, has several purposes or several substrates. One of them is that of destabilisation, distrust, chaos, and challenging the authorities.