Tough guy act

Verbal bullying, chest-thumping, crass populism veiled as blunt honesty, and divisive poison: Former alternate health minister Pavlos Polakis pulled out every weapon in the arsenal that defined his time in government.

Bulgarian Youth - First in the EU in Severe Deprivation, Pregnancy and Obesity

Bulgaria is second in the EU at risk of poverty and social exclusion among young people and the first in the share of pregnant women in teenage age. It is also one of the countries with the most obese adolescents. Only in Slovakia there were fewer young people aged 18-24 at risk of depression.

Love is the Theme at Twelfth Sofia Pride

The LGBTI community in Sofia and its supporters took to the streets of the Bulgarian capital on Saturday in a colourful celebration of diversity, despite a backlash from conservative "pro-family" groups and homophobic political forces.

The 2019 Pride, which is the twelfth such event to take place in the country, went ahead under the motto "Empower love, not hate".

The triangle of entanglement

SYRIZA came to power promising to end the so-called triangle of entanglement between banks, political parties and the media. It started by shaking the sinful tree, so to speak, allowing some rotten fruit to fall (something previous administrations should have done). Then it became obsessed about setting up its own triangle of entanglement. Fatal mistakes were made.