Lindsey Pelas: “I have been bullied because of my big breasts”! (10 HOT PHOTOS)

Lindsey Pelas may be a blonde beauty that many men…admire and so many other women envy because of her huge cleavage, but she confesses that she has been bullied!

Some women would pay a fortune to get the big boobs she has, but for Playmate Lindsey, hasn’t always been easy.

"You don't bully Dodik - you get his friends in Belgrade"

"If you want Milorad Dodik to do something, you will not get it done by bullying him from Brussels," says a former high representative for Bosnia.

Instead, Paddy Ashdown recently told an inquiry organized by the British Parliament's Foreign Policy Committee, "you get it done by getting his friends in Belgrade."

Greek priest arrested for sexual harassment of boy

Greek police have filed a criminal case against a 39-year-old priest for sexual harassment towards a minor. Police arrested the priest on July 20 following an investigation which determined the man was texting material of explicit sexual content to a 14-year-old boy via viber, Facebook messenger on a daily basis.

Falling back to bullying

They learned the art of bullying at the Polytechnic and at university, where there were no rules. They stopped lessons whenever they felt like it, staged occupations, created hangouts that were unchecked, passed lessons with threats. They saw that they could get away with it and continued down this road as members of a small political party.

Nine out of 10 incidents of child abuse go unreported

One in two children in Greece aged 11 to 16 falls victim to physical abuse either from family members or their guardians, although some evidence suggests this statistic may even be as high as 76 percent of children in this age group, according to data published as part of the first national program for the prevention of physical abuse, which is supported by the ELIZA Society for the Prevention

One former defense minister wins lawsuit against another

The First Basic Court in Belgrade has ruled in favor of Dragan Sutanovac in a defamation case he brought against Bratislav Gasic.

Gasic will have to pay RSD 200,000 to Sutanovac for damaging his honor and reputation when he said the latter eavesdropped on former Serbian President Boris Tadic. He will also have to pay the legal expenses of the trial.

Prosecutor seeks acquittals in Giakoumakis suicide trial

The prosecutor in the trial of the 2015 death of Vangelis Giakoumakis in the northwestern city of Ioannina has recommended the acquittal of a former director of the school where the student was studying and the head of the dorm where he was staying, who were facing charges of negligence, as well as Christos Markoyiannakis, a former deputy minister who was accused of trying to protect the studen