Burgas Province

A Renovated Apartment Building in Bourgas is Leaking

Improper and slow rehabilitation left without electricity and roof a whole residential building in Burgas, BNT reported.

Those living in Block 9 in the Izgrev Complex have filed a collective claim and the company is about to set a record for a slow rehabilitation - it has not completed any entry into the cooperative for five months.

Fire from Yesterday has Completely Destroyed a Building of the Burgas Gendarmerie (Picture)

The yesterday's fire has completely destroyed the building of the Burgas gendarmerie in the district of "Izgrev". It is not yet clear what caused the fire. The building has an area of 700 sq. M. and there are a lot of trees in the area. The buildings are one storey and can hardly be seen from the trees. The damage is huge and the debris has to be eroded.

16 People were Injured when a Bus Turned Upside down on Trakia Highway Last Night

16 were the injured passengers, after last night a bus just after 10 pm crashed to a ditch of Trakia motorway. This is reported by the Bulgarian National Television. 13 of them were taken to the Yambol hospital and three were transported to Karnobat. The bus, which overturned in the ditch, was operating on the daily Sofia-Sunny Beach line that goes through Burgas.

3 People Have Died After Torrential Rains in the South-East Bulgarian District of Burgas.

Three people have died after torrential rains on 24th of October triggered floodings in the South-East Bulgarian district of Burgas. An elderly person from the village of Polski izvor has drowned. The surge from the downpouring rain flooded the first floor of his house while he was asleep and could not get out.