Business leader says technological nation requires well-developed system designed by gov't, private sector

Romania needs a well-developed system designed by the government and the private sector in order to become a technological nation, Florin Jianu, chairman of the National Council of Romania's Privately-Owned SMEs (CNIPMMR), told the launch conference on Tuesday of the "Romania Tech Nation" initiative.

Attack Melissanidis in Referees’ Lockers Without Penalty

By Lefteris Charalampopoulos

One is today confronted with an unpunished foray of Dimitris Melissanidis on a football field, indifferent policemen and absentee ministers who do not honour their oath.

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The partnership is certainly a step forward in the Slovenian educational space, as the two business
school will join forces to educate and empower future leaders. Most of the study courses will take
place in Ljubljana, and some of the lectures will also be moved to Prague. A study program that is