Australia gives Twitter 28 days to clean up 'toxicity and hate'

Australia's internet safety watchdog on Thursday threatened to fine Twitter for failing to tackle online abuse, saying Elon Musk's takeover had coincided with a spike in "toxicity and hate".

E-safety commissioner Julie Inman Grant - a former Twitter employee - said the platform was now responsible for one-in-three complaints about online hate speech reported in Australia.

US music publishers hit Twitter with copyright suit

Major music publishers on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit accusing Twitter of failing to stop "rampant" copyright infringement on the platform.

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) and its members argued in the suit that the social media company should pay as much as $150,000 per work infringed, with the potential tab climbing into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trump pleads not guilty to federal charges that he illegally kept classified documents

Donald Trump became the first former president to face a judge on federal charges as he pleaded not guilty in a Miami courtroom Tuesday to dozens of felony counts accusing him of hoarding classified documents and refusing government demands to give them back.

Soros surrendered his empire: "He deserved it"

George Soros, who made a billion dollars "betting" against the British pound, said earlier that he did not want his foundation to be taken over by any of his five children.
However, he appointed Alexander as director of one of the world's richest philanthropic foundations.
"He deserved it," said Soros, whose fortune is estimated at $6.7 billion.

Trump blasts federal indictment as 'baseless'

Former President Donald Trump blasted his historic federal indictment as "ridiculous" and "baseless" Saturday during his first public appearances since the charges were unsealed, painting the 37 felony counts as an attack on his supporters as he tried to turn dire legal peril to political advantage and project a sense of normalcy.

Trump stored, showed off classified documents, indictment says

Donald Trump improperly stored in his Florida estate sensitive documents on nuclear capabilities, repeatedly enlisted aides and lawyers to help him hide records demanded by investigators and cavalierly showed off a Pentagon "plan of attack" and classified map, according to a sweeping felony indictment that paints a damning portrait of the former president's treatment of national security inform