Abramovich anchors superyachts worth $1.2 bln in Türkiye

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich - sanctioned by the U.K., European Union and Canada - has anchored two more superyachts in Turkish waters, bringing the total count to four.

According to Luxury Launches, a website publishing stories about the world's jet set, the 55-year-old tycoon brought 67-meter-long "Garcon" and 55-meter-long "Halo" to the Aegean coastal district of Göcek.

Musk: All People should be Chipped

The head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk believes that all people on the planet should be chipped with a special chip in the head. He expressed this opinion in an article for the Chinese magazine China Cyberspace. In the text, he explained, among other things, why people should be chipped using his startup Neuralink.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall finalize divorce

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and model Jerry Hall have finalized their divorce after six years of marriage, Hall's lawyer said on Aug. 11.

It is the fourth divorce for the 91-year-old Murdoch, who married Hall, 66, in London in March 2016.

The Australian Murdoch, who owns many of the world's most famous newspapers, is worth more than $17 billion, according to Forbes.

Trump calls for ‘immediate’ release of Mar-a-Lago warrant

Former President Donald Trump called late Thursday for the "immediate" release of the federal warrant the FBI used to search his Florida estate, hours after the Justice Department had asked a court to unseal the warrant, with Attorney

General Merrick Garland citing the "substantial public interest in this matter."

Elon Musk sells nearly $7 billion worth of Tesla shares: document

Elon Musk has sold nearly $7 billion worth of Tesla shares, according to legal filings published Tuesday, amid a high-stakes legal battle with Twitter over a $44 billion buyout deal.

The Tesla boss sold some 7.9 million shares between August 5 and 9, according to filings published on the Securities and Exchange Commission's website.

The FBI raided Donald Trump's Mansion

FBI agents are searching former President Donald Trump's Florida home, Trump himself said in a statement.

According to the Republican billionaire, his Mar-A-Lago resort estate is "under siege, attacked and occupied by a large group" of federal agents.

It is unclear at this time what the reason for the search is, for which agents have served a warrant.