Bust of WWII heroine falls prey to vandals

A bust in Exarchia of Lela Karayianni, a heroine of the Greek resistance during the Second World War, was decapitated by vandals early Monday, sparking public outrage. The marble bust, sculpted by Loukia Georganti, has been located on Tositsa Street since 1963. The City of Athens described the act as an affront to all thinking citizens.

Sexy Lexy on Mykonos (hot pics & vid)

Mykonos has always been a hot spot for the world’s jet set. Be it world renowned athletes, like Ronaldo, Messi etc, or Hollywood actors and actresses, Mykonos attracts the crème de la crème of the sports and movie industry. It also attracts the wannabe celebrities, like up and coming models trying to make a name for themselves, like sexy Lexy Stevens.

Women compose the most desirable woman

A photoshopped composition revealed how the most desirable woman would look, according to women.


Apparently, age matters little, since three parts of this “perfect” body belong to women aged 45 or more.


The final result combines the bust of Helen Mirren, Jennifer Aniston’s tummy, and Elle Macpherson’s long legs.