“Miss BumBum” 2017 winner announced as Rosie Oliveira wows judges! (17 RACY PHOTOS)

The world-famous Miss BumBum contest has crowned its latest winner – and her glittering future is well and truly behind her.

The cheeky pageant took place on Monday night with curvy contestants taking to the catwalk in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Cheeky Exploits on Instagram “visits” Greece (cheeky butt pics)

Showing your butt in the most beautiful places in the world, a new amazing trend appeared recently on Instagram! It’s the account Cheeky Exploits which launched the trend, publishing the photos of the participants from around the world, showing their ass in beautiful landscapes. A nice collection of butts to start the week!

How important are butt massages?

Feeling stress and constant tiredness has unfortunately become an integral part of people’s everyday lives in the developed world. The sedentary life-style and the long-working hours in front of computer screens are two major contributing factors to fatigue. Apart from frequent exercising, massages are also recommended to alleviate body aches and release muscle tension.

Cameraman zooms in on sexy girl’s buttocks (video)

Most of us can be discreet about where our eyes choose to linger when looking at a scantily-clad model.
But one cameraman was unable to hide what was on his mind when he zoomed in on a model’s backside while filming for a Brazilian television programme.
A clip from the talk show, SuperPop, has been viewed more than 120,000 times since being posted online.

Greek buttocks trump Brazilian ones (photos)

Who said Brazilian butts were better than Greek ones. This unbelievably sexy Greek mother of 5 children has one of the hottest sets of buttocks out there. Of course, Linda Kouletsiou  is not your usual everyday mom, since she is a very successful fitness model and personal trainer, apart from being Greek fitness bodybuilding champion!.

Shocking video of stripper at children birthday party (video)

A video showing a stripper giving a lap dance at a children’s party in Tampa, Florida in the US has emerged on the internet and is causing a great deal of controversy. The footage shows a stripper in pink see through lingerie twerking in front an 8-year old boy during his birthday party, while another boy is slapping her buttocks.

Who will be Miss Bum Bum 2015? (scant-clad bikini pics + vid)

It’s that time of the year again, when glamorous bottoms with gorgeous buttocks shamelessly stride down the streets of Sao Paulo with their green and yello bikinis to promote the coveted Miss Bum Brazil competition. This year’s 27 ladies include a former porn star, Kardashian look alikes and a DJ famous for her breast implants.