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Islamist, nationalist outburst from Erdogan on Hagia Sophia

By George Gilson

When in July, 2020 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan turned the Hagia Sofia Museum into to a mosque, he sparked an international outcry.

Over a year later, addressing members of his AKP party in Rize, Erdogan accused the opposition of trying to keep Hagia Sophia closed.

Unique Christ Pantocrator Medallion on display at Çorum Museum

A 1,500-year-old golden medallion depicting a figure of Jesus Christ is on display at a museum in Turkey's northern province of Çorum.

The medallion was found by treasure hunters during illegal excavations in 2017 and was later seized by security teams after a successful anti-smuggling operation. The medallion has been included in the inventory of the Çorum Museum.