The request to register the Cetinje Monastery in the MCP was rejected

The decision of the Cetinje regional unit of the Cadastre and State Property Administration, which was inspected by the Mina agency, rejects as unfounded the request for "correction of the wrongly registered property right" over several real estates and orders that the Cetinje monastery be registered as the owner of those real estates or MCP, RTCG reports.

The government decided: Cetinje monastery is ours

According to that decision, the day before today's session of the Cetinje Assembly, which will consider the initiative to hand over the Cetinje Monastery to the non-canonical CPC, the government ordered the Cadastre and State Property Administration to transfer the Cetinje Monastery to state ownership without delay.

Greek land register crawling along

New land registry offices in the inner Athens suburb of Galatsi have boosted a slow-moving process to establish a Greek cadastre but still only a fraction of properties have been declared.
According to the latest official data, just 7 percent of all property rights have been declared so far - some 700,000 declarations - with 13 percent of all declarations submitted online.

Acropolis Hill almost falls through registry cracks

The Acropolis Hill and the emblematic Parthenon at its top nearly went down on Greece's cadastre as belonging to an 'unknown owner,' the head of the company in charge of the land registry said. The reason, said Giorgos Dimitriou, is that the Culture Ministry did not register the monument on time. [Laurent Gillieron/EPA]