Serbian Army youngest officers promoted; Vučić: "We have many challenges ahead" VIDEO

The ceremony is attended by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui.
A total of 139 cadets of the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy were promoted to the first officer ranks.

Vui: "We have many challenges ahead of us"

US: West Point Faces Worst Cheating Scandal in Decades

Dozens of West Point cadets have cheated in one of the biggest exam scandals to hit the elite US military academy in decades, officials say.

More than 70 students were accused of breaking West Point's Cadet Honor Code in a math test while studying remotely because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the cadets have admitted cheating on May's exam.

Transgender cadets can graduate from Military Academies but not serve

Two transgender cadets will be able to graduate from military academies on the condition that they pass their exams, but they will not be allowed to serve in the military after graduation.

The Air Force and Army will not allow the cadets to be commissioned into the military because the Pentagon has not yet established guidelines for accepting transgender troops, USA Today reported.