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Head of Montenegrin Public Broadcaster Re-Elected Despite Court Ruling

The head of Montenegro's public broadcaster Boris Raonic at a conference in Podgorica. Photo: PR Centar

The Higher Court ordered the RTCG council to choose one of the other candidates as a new director or make readvertise the position, stressing that Raonic must not be re-elected.

A Park in Canada will be named after a Bulgarian

Bulgaria can now be proud of the first park of its kind in North America. It is located in the city of Mississauga and was renamed in honor of our late honorary consul in Canada - Ignat Kaneff.

"Mr. Kaneff is a great visionary, donor. A man with a big heart," said Velislava Panova, Consul General of Bulgaria in Toronto, Canada.

Biden: US does not seek Conflict with Iran but will respond "Forcefully" to protect its Personnel

US President Joe Biden has said that the US does not seek conflict with Iran but will respond "forcefully" to protect its personnel, a day after a US contractor was killed and six Americans were injured in an attack blamed on groups affiliated with Iran in Syria.

Canadian official to examine Chinese election interference

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday he will appoint a special investigator to decide whether there should be a public inquiry into reports of Chinese interference in Canada's elections.

Trudeau also is having a Parliament national security committee examine classified information on the matter.

Ethereum co-founder lands in Istanbul

Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-born Canadian programmer and one of the co-founders of cryptocurrency Ethereum, has landed in Istanbul, a Turkish influencer on board the same plane with Buterin announced on April 11.

"Fellas! No Joke! But yes, Vitalik Buterin," Orkun Işıtmak wrote in a social media post with a photo of him with Buterin at Istanbul Airport.

Canada bans foreign home buyers for two years to cool market

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government announced Thursday it will ban foreign investors from buying homes in Canada for two years in a bid to cool off a hot housing market.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland took a number of measures to tamp down speculation and demand amid record home prices in announcing the federal budget for the year.

Freedom Convoy: Resignation in Ottawa, Canada eases COVID measures

The chief of police in the Canadian capital Ottawa resigned 19 days after the start of the occupation of the center by the Freedom Convoy - the protest of truck drivers against the mandatory vaccination.

The resignation came after serious criticism over a prolonged blockade that halted traffic and hampered trade with the United States.