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Murder in Agioi Anargyroi: Drugs, violence, beatings - Who is the 39-year-old man who killed is ex in outside police station

The 39-year-old man who killed the 28-year-old woman outside a police station had been arrested at various times for various offences - He was stabbing her in the back and shouting "I'm going to kill you", according to testimonies

Police arrests members of extortion, abduction ring in Megara

Three people were arrested last Saturday and 10 more were identified as members of a criminal gang involved in a series of offences including extortion, attempted murder, and causing grievous bodily harm.

Police arrested in the area of Megara, three suspects aged 52, 30 and 26, and spend a case file against 10 more alleged members of the group, five of whom are in prison.

Man arrested following fatal stabbing

Police in Thessaloniki have arrested a 39-year-old male non-national in relation to the fatal stabbing of 49-year-old foreign man in Lagkadikia, a town outside the city, on Wednesday.

A police investigation found that the suspect, after an argument with the older man, attacked him with a folding knife and mortally wounded him.