Pandemic lockdown a chance to strengthen family ties

The COVID-19 pandemic stands to improve familial bonds with so many people in Turkey forced to stay at home, according to a leading psychologist and thinker.

"[The lockdown] is an opportunity to discover the language of the family and familial love," Gündüz Vassaf told the Hürriyet Daily News this week.

Coronavirus kills off neoliberalism

The responses to crises come in two phases. First, governments respond in predictable ways, consistent with how they have acted before. But then crises have a longer-lasting power, and that is to shift our thinking about what governments should do. The coronavirus is a totemic case in this respect.

Lesson No 1 From Pandemic – We’re all Interdependent

It has tracked our globalizing world, following trade and tourist routes, leaving only distant and disconnected places untouched.

Technological progress has helped it travel faster. Instead of months or years, as pandemics used to take in the 14th century, it now takes only weeks to spread from one corner of the planet to another.

Wall Street marks its worst day in 33 years

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States, suffered its worst session since 1987 on March 12, plunging 10 percent as emergency measures by central banks failed to douse mounting recession fears due to the coronavirus.

The winner’s curse

A key irony of our times is this: The United States and Britain have been accused in previous decades of constructing an international order to suit their interests. The postwar Western and global system was governed by the international institutions and organizations they created (from Bretton Woods to NATO).

Populism as a check for democracy but not for climate

The Athens Democracy Forum made me understand that populism has a positive side that acts as a warning bell for democracy from turning overly elitist. However, I also came to see that populism has contributed to the extreme polarization of society in several countries and has negatively impacted climate politics.

A new path for a new era

Political leaders keep serving up a menu of sometimes exotic, but usually similar versions of popular choice. Then they find they can't deliver on voters' desires and democracy looks like it's not working. So often the heart of the issue is economic. It is in the fact that too many people in too many countries do not like what they get from democracy's dividend.