Foreign investors keep upper hand at bourse

Foreign investors accounted for more than half of total trading activity on Greece's stock market last year, executives at stock and futures operator Hellenic Exchanges said on Wednesday.

Greek equities fell 23.6 percent in 2018, a tough year in which banks took a beating. But mid-cap shares bucked the downtrend for a second straight year.

Making a move: Internationalisation

In the field of internationalization within the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Economics has held a pioneering role. It is one of the strongest pillars in the internationalization of Slovenian higher education. However, there have been complaints about disregarding the Slovenian language due to the delivery and teaching in English.

No further delay

The sort of pirate and parasitic capitalism that evolved in Greece over previous decades is to blame for many of the ills of today. Some of its manifestations were the culture of easy money and anything-goes entrepreneurship, the carefully orchestrated bankruptcies and stock manipulation.

NSI: The Bulgarian Business Climate in Construction and Services is Deteriorating

In September, the overall business climate indicator declined by 1.5 points compared to August. This is due to the unfavorable economic conjuncture in the construction and service sector, according to the regular Business Surveys of the National Statistical Institute. The main factors hampering business continue to be linked to the precarious economic environment and labor shortages.

The need for regulations

In times of past exuberance, many listed companies operated without regulations or meaningful control from the relevant supervisory authorities.

The consequences of this state of affairs soon became evident.

And what is most worrying is that we are now witnessing a repeat of that phenomenon, involving companies with foreign shareholders and investors.