Carbon finance

Greece’s new energy challenge

Besides its aging population, Greece's assets are also showing signs of wear and tear. The European Parliament voted this month to impose a carbon tax on both housing and transport, but statistics point to a very serious problem in the deterioration of the quality of property and vehicles in this country.

The EU approved a large-scale Reform of the Carbon Emissions Market - Bulgaria Abstained

European Union countries on Tuesday finally approved the biggest-ever reform of Europe's carbon emissions market, which will make pollution more expensive and strengthen the 27-member bloc's main tool for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Reuters reported.

Bulgaria’s PM: A 10% Reduction in Carbon Emissions is Not Acceptable, We will Ask for Postponement

"The way the parameters are set in the current Recovery and Resilience Plan is not good for us. The previous government had committed to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions. This means closing down specific coal-fired power plants.