Tesla Has a "Green Light" to Start Production in China

Tesla has been included in the government's list of approved carmakers, the Chinese Ministry of Industry announced today after authorizing the electric vehicle manufacturer to start production in the country, Reuters reported.

The list was published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Volkswagen Is on the Verge of Negotiating a New Turkish Plant

German carmaker Volkswagen is very close to the final decision to build a new plant in Turkey, a company board member told reporters in Berlin today, Reuters reported.

We are in the final stages of negotiations with Turkey, said Andreas Tostmann, a member of the Volkswagen council in charge of production. He expects the talks to be completed within two weeks, and "maybe sooner".

Bugatti Breaks the World Speed Record (VIDEO)

Modified Bugatti set the world record for top speed. The sports car ran just over 490 km / h. This is the best achievement of a mass-produced car.

The record was set on a test track in Germany, which has a 9-kilometer straight section. To reach this speed, the Bugatti was modified with aerodynamics and tires made specifically for the occasion.

Volkswagen is Close to Choosing Turkey over Bulgaria just over a Tax Pledge

A pledge from Turkey for a change in the special consumer tax system at a specific date in the future would reportedly be enough to convince Volkswagen to choose the country over Bulgaria as the location for a €1bn multi-brand auto production plant, write bne InelliNews