Catholic Church in Croatia

"Genocidal Ustasha regime still glorified in Croatia"

"Two noteworthy events took place in Croatia during the past month that reflect in a very significant way on the phenomenon of Holocaust distortion, which is so rampant in post-Communist Eastern Europe," Zuroff writes, in an article entitled, "Failure to sincerely and honestly confront Ustasha crimes," and adds:

Serbian patriarch: Time still not right for pope's visit

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has assessed that the pope's visit would benefit Serbia.

"My position as a statesman is that the pope's visit would be in Serbia's interest, especially in the context of not recognizing Kosovo. There will hardly be a pope who has more understanding for us than Pope Francis," Dacic told Blic.

"If Croatia won't - Serbia might build Holocaust museums"

Speaking about Croatia's decision to prohibit Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin from entry, Vucic said that Vulin was banned "because of the statements he made."

"I wish, and I would like it if this is not the case - someone in the European Union is introducing verbal delict and deciding arbitrarily whether they like someone's opinion," said Vucic.