Borivoje Borović in favor of Romanian scenario: "Ceaușescu had numerous supporters"

Borivoje Borovi wishes for a Romanian scenario: "Ceaușescu also had 100,000 to 200,000 supporters that day."
He stated for N1 that if the protests last for days, the authorities will feel fear "in their bones".
"And it's not just a change of government, for the first time ruling political structure will surely go to prison," Borovi told N1.

A Balkan thriller with a ‘Jackson Pollock’

Heavily armed officers from Bulgaria's organized crime unit discovered a painting that looked like it might be the work of the famous American painter Jackson Pollock during a search in Sofia on February 18. There was a dedication written on the back to the actress Lauren Bacall, as well as a signature in Romanian.

Ceausescu's presidential plane donated to National Museum of Romanian Aviation

The first and only passenger plane built in Romania, ROMBAC 1-11, used for the official flights of late dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and recently won at an Artmark auction, was donated to the National Museum of the Romanian Aviation on Wednesday. The collection piece was saved from scrapping by a true collector, a lover of technique, during the Elegance Auction on May 27.

Erdoğan's 'Ak Saray' likened to Alamut Castle, Ceausescu’s Palace

Turkey’s newly inaugurated presidential palace draws more criticism from the opposition, with references to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the 11th century assassin stronghold of Alamut Opposition parties have ramped up their objection to Turkey’s newly inaugurated presidential palace, set to cost more than half a billion Turkish Liras, likening the gargantuan complex to Romanian