BIRN Fact-Check: Could Montenegro’s Army Protect Rivers From Illegal Exploitation?

Gravel exploitation on the Moraca riverbed near Montenegro's capital Podgorica. Photo: Government of Montenegro

After a National Council for Fighting against Corruption session, Abazovic said the authorities need help in protecting the Bolje sestre, an important water spring on the Moraca near the capital, Podgorica.

Germany’s new agriculture minister visits presidential palace on bike

Cem Özdemir, Germany's new food and agriculture minister of Turkish origin, visited the presidential palace to receive his certificate of appointment on a bicycle, while other ministers arrived in black cars.

Özdemir, from the Green Party, is the first Turkish descent politician to assume a federal minister post.

Montenegro Discriminates Against Albanians, Mayor Tells Country’s Allies

Mayor of Tuzi Nik Gjeloshaj at a press conference. Photo: Government of Montenegro

"The government discriminates against Albanians and does not cooperate with our municipality. The reasons are various but it's mostly because of the hatred they have for the people who live in this area," Gjeloshaj told BIRN, referencing his Wednesday complaint.

She said 'yes' under the deep blue sea

A Turkish couple took their first step to marriage under the deep blue sea.

Halil Yılmaz proposed to his longtime girlfriend Müge Hasanbaş on a scuba diving trip in Istanbul.

With the help of Cem Karabay, an underwater sports instructor and a Guinness record holder, he placed eight amphoras and a chest with love notes under the sea.