Central Anatolia Region

Four-year-old dies after father travels to three cities across Anatolia to find treatment

A four-year-old boy diagnosed of meningitis has died after his father traveled to three cities across eastern and central Anatolia after doctors at hospitals refused to treat him.

Mücahit Gürcan first took his son to the public hospital of his hometown of Iğdır in northeastern Turkey after his son Diyar fell sick on July 29 last week.

Central Anatolia’s ‘evil eye talisman’ Lake Meke dries out up to 99 percent

Lake Meke, a volcanic lake commonly known as the “evil eye talisman” of Central Anatolia for the rarity of such lakes in Turkey and its one of a kind beauty, has dried out up to 99 percent, experts have said.

Salt deposits have developed on the lake, turning the remaining waters crimson-red, as experts warned that the lake was on the brink of extinction.