The Humpback Whale in the Thames River Was Found Dead

The humpback whale, seen in the River Thames, was found dead east of London between Crayford Ness and the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, Dartford and will be autopsied, Reuters reported.

The 10m long whale was found dead in the shallows in Greenhithe, Kent, yesterday and was transported to London during the night.

The London Zoo will investigate the cause of the whale's death.

Scientists finally figured out why whales leap into the air (AUDIO)

All over the world, whales leap high into the air and crash back into the water, slapping their tails and fins on the ocean’s surface on the way down. Since breaching (as the behavior is called) demands so much energy—especially when whales are fasting during migrations—scientists assume it plays a crucial role in cetacean life, but what exactly that role is remains murky.