Chairmen of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fule Urges Solidarity at Flood Aid Conference

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Fuele, called on the international donors' conference, which opened in Brussels on Wednesday, to show solidarity when pledging assistance to flood-hit Bosnia and Serbia.

"I hope we can use this moment of solidarity to help ensure that the countries of this region never have to endure the same destruction as we witnessed in May," he said.

Izetbegovic calls on President Nikolic to change his stance

SARAJEVO – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) Bakir Izetbegovic says he does not understand the reasoning behind Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic’s plans not to go to Sarajevo for an event marking 100 years since the outbreak of World War One (WWI) and his stating that he cannot go to a place where someone will accuse his people.

Serbian Leader to Visit Bosnia in May

Nebojsa Radmanovic, the Serbian member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Serbia's newly appointed Prime Minister will visit Sarajevo at the invitation of the head of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vjekoslav Bevanda.

Radmanovic said the Serbian leader would be welcome in Bosnia, and that his visit should not be marked by controversy.