Chancellors of Germany

"It's time for the former chancellor to explain certain things"

Angela Merkel's reputation has been damaged in Germany in recent weeks, writes the Telegraph. "After the invasion of Ukraine, former ministers who served in her tenure, in turn, renounce its foreign policy," the paper writes.
"I never thought in my life that we would enter into such a crisis with Russia," said Wolfgang Schuble, a former finance minister during Merkel's term.

Scholz stops Nord Stream 2

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is giving up Nord Stream 2.

This was announced on Twitter by the director of the Financial Times department in Berlin, Guy Chazan.

Scholz pulls plug on Nord Stream 2. "The situation now is a different one".

— Guy Chazan (@GuyChazan) February 22, 2022

Angela Merkel in Serbia: EU Has Strategic Interests to Integrate Balkan States into Bloc

It's in the European Union's strategic interests to integrate the Balkan states into the bloc, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday as she urged Serbia and other countries in the region to do more on democratic reforms in order to join, AP reported.

Everything's ready: Belgrade welcomes Angela Merkel, security measures revealed PHOTO

Preparations for her reception are nearing the end, and as part of this visit, the flags of Germany and Serbia were set up at the Genex building in New Belgrade, from the direction of the "Nikola Tesla" Airport, so that this would be the first sign of welcome for the German Chancellor.

Just dare mention Western Balkans - the "slogan" of German parties

Chancellor Angela Merkel's last trip abroad should take her to the Balkans. The media mention the meeting with the leaders of the Western Balkans in Tirana (September 14), but it is unofficially heard that the Chancellor could visit Belgrade beforehand. There is no official confirmation in Berlin yet.