Charles de Gaulle Airport

Plane held for days in France on trafficking concerns lands in India

A plane that had been grounded in France for days over concerns its roughly 300 mostly Indian passengers were part of a human trafficking scheme landed in Mumbai early Tuesday.

The Airbus A340 initially had been bound for Nicaragua when it was detained last Thursday at Vatry airport, east of Paris, where it had stopped for refuelling.

Paris airports under intense pressure for Olympics

Paris' airports face a double challenge during the Olympics next year - already under huge pressure, they will also be the first impression that many foreign visitors get of the Games.

France's main international airport, Charles de Gaulle (CDG), and the smaller Orly will be two crucial gateways to the Olympics, which open in around a year on July 26, 2024.

Chaos: Police deployed, flights canceled PHOTO/VIDEO

Interior Minister Grald Darmanin said that an additional 12,000 policemen and gendarmes will be deployed across the country, 5,000 of which will be in Paris, French online television BFMTV reported.
Darmanin repeated that in France there is freedom of expression, but not the right to create riots and incidents at street protests.

Students Beware when Traveling to or from these European Airports

The cumulative impact of Covid-19 on students and their academic achievement not only has been large but unfortunately, it is still continuing.   As a result of the chaos that the Aviation industry is facing due to the lack of workers who have been fired and lost their jobs during the pandemic period, a huge number of daily flights to Europe are being canceled by airlines and t

Slovenia saw biggest drop in air passenger numbers in EU last year

Luxembourg – Slovenia saw the biggest drop in air passenger transport in the EU in the 2020 pandemic year, fresh Eurostat data show. While the number of total passengers in the EU dropped by 73% to 277 million, in Slovenia it plummeted by 83% year-on-year. Slovenia is followed by Slovakia and Croatia, where 82% fewer air passengers were recorded.

SKY express: Heraklion strategic hub with 11 domestic and international destinations

SKY express connects Heraklion with 11 popular domestic and European destinations creating bridges throughout Greece with destinations abroad. It upgrades the position of the historic city and of Crete as a whole as a key node of its network and actively contributes to the further development of the island nationally and internationally.