A 4-Kilometers Long Queue on the Bulgarian Border with Turkey

A 4-kilometers long queue at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint. The queue is formed at the exit to Turkey, NOVA reports.

The administration of the border checkpoint stated that 2400 trucks were processed in the last 24 hours, 1230 of which were leaving Bulgaria. Over the past month, heavy goods traffic has increased.

Heavy Traffic at Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo Border Checkpoints

At the Turkish border at Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo checkpoints, there is heavy traffic of trucks exiting the country, the press office of the Border Police said at 01:00 pm.

At the border with the Republic of Northern Macedonia at Zlatarevo checkpoint, traffic is tied up due to repair and construction works. At other border checkpoints, traffic is normal.

20 Kilometers Long Truck Queue on Kaptain Andreevo Border Checkpoint - Drivers Left 3 without Toilet and Water for 3 Days

Traffic congestion is formed at Bulgaria's main border checkpoint with Turkey - Kapitan Andreevo. The queue of heavy trucks entering Bulgaria's southern neighbour is over 20 km long. Currently, the last tracks are shortly after the Shell gas station, located between Lyubimets and Svilengrad.

9 Kilometers Long Car Queue at The Danube Bridge 2 Border Checkpoint

The car queue at The Danube Bridge 2 border checkpoint is approximately 9 kilometers long. The situation is extremely difficult. The reason for the heavy traffic is the installation of radioactivity sensors by the Romanians. Only one corridor is working towards Bulgaria's northern neighbour.

Intensive Traffic at the Border with Romania

Intensive traffic on the border checkpoints towards Romania. According to data from the Border Police, the traffic at Danube Bridge - Vidin border checkpoint is intensive for trucks.

Cars are passing slower on the Danube Bridge - Ruse. At the other border checkpoints the traffic is normal. Intensive traffic was also reported at Kalotina border checkpoint.

Measures Taken to Ease Traffic at Bulgaria-Greece Kulata Border Crossing

Bulgaria's Ministry of interior has taken measures to ease the traffic at Kulata border crossing. Five lanes will be working this weekend to ease the passage of cars from Bulgaria to Greece, reports BNT

The steps were taken after problem of long queues at the checkpoint.

Increased Traffic on Bulgaria's Roads

Increased traffic on the country's roads is expected due to the warm weather on the weekend. The Border Police also warned that more people are traveling to Greece. 

It is expected to gather trucks and cars at the Makaza border checkpoint, due to the beginning of the tourist season and the reduced number of employees from the Greek side.