Cheerleaders ‘raise’ the athletes’…morale (sexy pics)

Although cheerleading has been embedded in the American sports culture for a long time, it is something that has caught on very strong in Europe too. It is safe to say that cheerleaders have become an integral part of sports all around the world. The squad is there to lift the morale of the athletes.

Dani Mathers: Playmate 2015

2015′s Playmate is Dani Mathers. She comes from a Jewish family with Italian roots, and according to her, she grew up playing in mud, was a cheerleader, played volleyball and can’t keep her mouth shut!

The reasons she gained the Playmate title are obvious, with juicy curves and eyes full of promise.

Let's change the subject

By Maria Katsounaki

Let?s talk about the weather. The cloudy skies, the rain, storms and humidity, the overall heavy atmosphere. It?s better to think of that than politics and politicians, whatever cuts they may or may not have taken for services rendered, their attitudes or their policies. We shouldn?t judge, we shouldn?t label.