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As of today, the access of Russian ships to Bulgarian ports is Prohibited

From 00.00 on April 16, 2022, access to the Bulgarian sea and river ports is prohibited for all vessels registered under the Russian flag, as well as for all vessels that have changed their Russian flag or registration to the flag or the register of which to be another country after February 24, 2022, according to the Maritime Administration.

Serbian Activists Doubt Govt’s Sincerity in Cancelling Lithium Mine

After Serbia's government on Wednesday revoked a key decree greenlighting Rio Tinto's controversial lithium mining project, activists said they did not trust government promises that the mining project is over for good, fearing what might happen after elections in April.

Brnabić: The end for Rio Tinto in Serbia, it's over

"We have the requests of environmental organizations. These are the requests that were submitted to the Government on January 12, 2022," the Prime Minister said at a press conference immediately after the government session.
At the final session, the Government Decree on the spatial plan was revoked, Brnabi pointed out.