Chemical elements

Source of Radiation Found in Varna

A source of radiation was found in a resident building  in Varna in a garage near "Slivnitsa" Blvd, according to bTV. 

After the control check by the authorities, the material which is stored in a box was identified.

According to the witnesses, the material is iridium 192, in a depleted uranium container. No elevated norms were established outside the premises.

35 companies exploring for "ore and minerals" in Serbia

The Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik is reporting that Serbia remains the only site anywhere in the world of "the new mineral" jadarite.

The mineral was discovered in 2006 in the country's western Jadar River Valley, and according to preliminary estimates, the deposits there can cover at least ten percent of the global demand for such highly sought-after elements as lithium and borate.

Government Rules Out Uranium Health Hazard For Haskovo Population

Bulgarian caretaker Minister of Health Ilko Semerdzhiev has said in parliament that so far there is no health hazard for the population of Haskovo, Southeastern Bulgaria, BNR reported.

He made the statement over fears that the drinking water in the city has an increased content of Uranium.

Olympics: Who wins when the athletes triumph?

The last Games where champions wore pure gold around their necks took place in Stockholm 104 years ago. Today, an Olympic gold medal consists of 92.5 percent silver, 6.2 percent copper and 1.3 percent gold. If its worth is measured in weight, then a gold medal from this year's Olympics is worth about US $550.

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