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Soaring Russian Gas Prices, cold Early Winter Promise Problems to Europe, UK in Cold Season

Rising natural gas prices, an energy network 'not fit for purpose' and a shortage of lorry drivers are creating a 'perfect storm' to cripple the UK, experts warned today.

The price of wholesale gas has surged by 250% since the beginning of the year and added 70% just since August as demand increases while the economy opens up, according to figures from Oil & Gas UK.

Turkey poised to become LNG bunkering hub with new tri-party agreement

Turkey is on its way to becoming a key hub for LNG supplies with cooperation from Turkey's largest public institution in the areas of energy, trade, transportation and storage, BOTAŞ, along with Arkas Bunkering and Sumitomo Corporation, according to Turkey's BOTAŞ on Sept. 8. 


Blast followed by fire at Azomures chemical works leaves one injured

An explosion followed by a fire occurred on Tuesday night at ammonia station 3 of the Azomures chemical works, with a man about 50 years old sustaining an upper limb fracture. After the incident, a RO-ALERT message was issued to inform the population in the neighbouring area. According to the Mures Emergency Management Inspectorate, the explosion occurred at around 01:00hrs, EEST.

Petromidia Refinery blast/Fire started at gasoline hydrofining installation; pipe probably cracked

Rompetrol Refinery Director General Felix Crudu-Tesloveanu said on Friday that the fire at Petromidia started at the gasoline hydrofining installation and the ensuing blast generated three more outbreaks, with the probable cause being a cracked pipe. He said that the fire broke out on a platform where there is various industrial equipment and where five people were working.