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Demand for yeast products soaring

As many people turn to baking bread at home amid the restrictions on moving around, it is now difficult to find yeast products on the shelves in Istanbul.

"Fortunately, the bakery shops haven't faced a problem of finding yeast," said Bakeries Federation of Turkey head Halil İbrahim Balçı.

Military starts production of antiseptic from seized ethanol

Greece's armed forces have started producing antiseptic from quantities of ethanol, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) has said. 

More than 150 ton of ethanol seized from illicit manufacturers of bootleg alcohol is believed to be in storage at customs warehouses across the country.

Turkey removes tariffs on ethyl alcohol imports

Turkey removed tariffs on ethyl alcohol imports amid coronavirus pandemic, announcing the decision in the Official Gazette on March 25.

The move aims to support production of disinfectant and cologne, traditional ethanol-based scented disinfectant in Turkey.

The tariff on bulk ethyl alcohol imports was 10 percent.

Seized alcohol to be turned into antiseptics

Greek authorities plan to turn tons of ethanol confiscated from bootleg booze-makers into sanitizer to combat the coronavirus epidemic.
Up to 155 tons of seized alcohol is languishing in customs warehouses across the country.
Authorities say they are trying to find manufacturers willing to convert it into antiseptics.