Chemical substances

The third newly built LNG Carrier was received by Capital Gas Ship Management

Capital Gas Ship Management Corp. took successful delivery today of the newbuilding LNG Carrier 'Aristarchos', built by Hyundai Heavy Industries, S.Korea. With cargo capacity of 174,000 m3, the vessel is highly efficient, propelled with XDF engines and equipped with the latest available technologies, including an air lubrication system and increased filling limits (more than 99%).

Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxygen Water – Safe and Effective Disinfectant for Your Home and Office

If not anything else, in recent months we have at least learned different ways of disinfection - for the hands, different surfaces, the entire home. In addition to being efficient, it is understandable that we want them to be as harmless as possible.

Privately-run companies called to get involved as institute can only turn out 1,000 bottles of OROSTIM HV

The Defence Ministry (MApN) on Wednesday announced that the Cantacuzino Institute released on Wednesday only 942 bottles of the dietary supplement OROSTIM-HV, which strengthens the body's immunity to respiratory infections, but production can be increased if privately-owned companies get involved.