Drapetsona : Oil One the possible source of strong odour, environmental pollution

Parents and even more so grandparents of students of Drapetsona's Second Primary School - at the junction of Georgiou Afara and Eleftherios Venizos Streets - may not be aware of methanethiol (methyl-merkaptani in Greek) but they can certainly recognise the odour in the air that they breathe.

Dangerous Coronavirus Scam

Taking advantage of people's fears about the passing epidemic of the new coronavirus, online retailers are offering rubbing alcohol instead of disinfectant and this could endanger the health of consumers. 

The dangerous practice was established by an inspection of the law enforcement agencies and will be banned

SOCAR AQS opens 40 wells in Turkey’s gas storage project

Azerbaijan's integrated drilling and oil services management company, SOCAR AQS, opened 40 wells to expand the storage capacity of the Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü) Natural Gas Storage Facility in central Anatolia, head of SOCAR AQS said on May 27.

Around $103 million will be invested for storage expansion at the Salt Lake facility, SOCAR AQS Director General Ramin Isayev told Anadolu Agency.

Sofia: Significantly Lower Levels of Nitrogen Dioxid Due to the Lower Traffic

During the months of March and April, the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air in Sofia decreased significantly. Only on some of the largest intersections the levels are exceeded. This was explained to TOPNOVINI.BG by Stefan Dimitrov from the civil organization

African Dust Continues to Spread in the Coming Days in Europe

The continuing warming and transport of air masses from the Mediterranean to the interior of Europe has increased the concentration of fine dust from the deserts of North Africa. In Bulgaria the visibility is reduced in the western half, but this process is expected to continue to the east, according to forecasts from the University of Athens.

Gas Leak in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Late last night, a signal was given for a gas leak from a gas station. It is located in the Smirnensky district, close to the medical dormitories.

It turned out that a pump supplying fuel to the gas stations had failed.

The area was immediately cordoned off by police. There was no need to evacuate the people in the neighborhood.