Christian philosophy

"Kosovo is Serb Jerusalem; state is no good without people"

The patriarch called on all believers to be one with the long-suffering Serb people who are faithfully safeguarding and defending every step of the holy land in Kosovo and Metohija, and said that Kosovo and Metohija is our Jerusalem, our Holy Land, "which has been, may we never forget, given to us by God as an eternal pledge."

Sexy Marta Mayer makes you appreciate the social media! (HOT PHOTOS)

Her name is Marta Mayer and at the age of 21 this half Russian, half German model -just like many models during Summer- she doesn’t miss a chance to show off what God has graced her with: Her sizzling hot perfect body!

Don’t you just love our age of technology that helps us share these images?

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Is the Apocalypse at hand? Nile river takes on ‘bloody red’ colour! (photo)

It is an understatement to say that the world is going through some tumultuous times. The global economic uncertainty, the rise of Islamist and other types of extremism, the ongoing war in Syria and climate change are some of the events that give rise to apocalyptic theories.