Christo Pimpirev

Bulgaria Begins the Construction of a New Modern Antarctic Research Laboratory

This year Bulgaria begins the construction of a new modern Antarctic research laboratory. It will be located in the existing Bulgarian polar base. Our country has received the recognition to host the annual meeting of the Antarctic Program Managers' Council.

Bulgaria Will Build a Scientific-Research Laboratory in Antarctica

This year, Bulgaria is starting to build a new modern scientific-research laboratory in Antarctica on the place of the existing Bulgarian polar base there. This was announced by Professor Hristo Pimpirev, Director of the National Center for Polar Studies, at the international meeting of the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP), held in Plovdiv.

Bulgarian Researchers Discover Five New Plant Fossils on Antarctica

After the two-month biological research as part of the National Polar Research Programme has concluded, research continues in the remaining two months of the Antarctic summer in the field of earth sciences, said Prof. Hristo Pimpirev, Director of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and leader of the 27th Antarctic expedition, reports Focus News Agency. 

Why Bulgaria does not have a Scientific Research Vessel?

The Bulgarian base in Antarctica is an international scientific laboratory. There are also scientists from many different parts of the world, including Colombian scientists this year. Two Portuguese, Turks and a Cypriot scientist , said Hristo Pimpirev,  Prof. , Director of the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute and Head of Bulgarian Expeditions on the South Continent on Darik's "The Week".

We will be Able to See and Touch the First Bulgarian Building in Antarctica

A replica of the first Bulgarian building of Antarctica, built 30 years ago, will become part of the collection of the National Museum of History. This was announced today by the director of the museum, Associate Professor Bonnie Petrunova and the head of our Antarctic expedition, Hristo Pimpirev.