UK: Ban on Menthol Cigarettes as Part of the New EU Tobacco Laws

New anti-smoking laws have come into force banning the sale of flavoured and skinny cigarettes in UK stores.

The move is part of efforts to deter young people from using menthol cigarettes as they are thought to mistakenly believe the flavoured characteristic makes the habit less harmful.

Romanian authorities seize smuggled cigarettes worth approx 15 million euros in 2019

Over 150 million smuggled cigarettes, worth 71 million lei (Rs 15 million euros), were seized by the Romanian authorities in 2019, the equivalent of a 40 pct increase compared to the previous year, shows data centralized by the Stop Smuggling portal, quoted by the British American Tobacco (BAT) in a press release, sent to AGERPRES on Friday.

The United States Raised the Minimum Age for Buying Cigarettes to 21 Years

The US Congress has decided to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, from 18 to 21 years across the country, France Press reported.

The change passed by the Senate is part of a measure made to the budget bill. It will enter into force in about nine months.

Brussels Increases the Fine for Throwing a Cigarette Butt from 50 to 200 Euros

Starting next year the fine for throwing a cigarette butt in Brussels will be increased from 50 to 200 euros, according to the mayoralty of the Belgian capital.

The city's cleanliness office is launching a plan to raise awareness among smokers, install urban ashtrays, as well as to launch a project for the utilisation of  cigarette butts via pocket ashtrays, the service said.