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"Mission Impossible" Movie Shoot Canceled due to the Coronavirus in Italy

Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures halts a planned three-week "Mission Impossible" shoot in Italy because of a coronavirus in Italy, AFP and Reuters reported.

The star of the series Tom Cruise has not yet traveled to Italy and does not intend to go there under the current circumstances.

Thessaloniki police search for armed raiders

Police in Thessaloniki Wednesday were seeking the perpetrators behind a street kiosk heist in the northern port city in the early hours of the morning.
According to the police, the robbery was carried out by two masked assailants, one of whom was wielding a gun.
The perpetrators fled with an undetermined sum in takings as well as sundry goods.

Shumen Region: More than 24,000 Animals will be Put Down due to ASF

ASF was registered in the village of Nikola Kozlevo in Shumen. As a result, 24,000 animals will be put down in the next days.

They will be buried in the village of Hersovo.

The veterinary authorities will carry out the organization of the large-scale action.

BFSA Regional Directorate warned that there is a danger of contagion.