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COVID-19 Worldwide: 3.6 Million Infected, 250 000 Have Died

The number of people infected with COVID-19 is almost 3.6 million, BNT reported. More than 250,000 died.

The contagion is thought to have reached Europe much earlier than claimed.

A 50-year-old man from France was diagnosed with an acute pneumonia on December 27. Doctors now believe he was infected with a coronavirus.

Music, dance performance pleases neighbors amid lockdown

Two musicians gave concerts on their terraces for their neighbors who cannot leave their homes due to stay-at-home orders, with a belly dancer accompanying them in Istanbul's Kadıköy district.

Alper Kalaycıklıoğlu and Hakan Kaya played upbeat music on their instruments to boost their neighbors' morale, as dancer Su Selda Uzun belly danced to their songs.

"We have problem with false sick leaves, medical staff members walk around the city"

By Monday, more than 1.000 people got infected with coronavirus in the country and 39 people died, according to Croatian agency Hina.
The coronavirus has so far infected 1.018 people, with outbreaks in Banja Luka (257), Citluk (81), Mostar (55) and Siroki Brijeg (48).
In Sarajevo, the infection was confirmed in 35 patients.

"Mission Impossible" Movie Shoot Canceled due to the Coronavirus in Italy

Hollywood giant Paramount Pictures halts a planned three-week "Mission Impossible" shoot in Italy because of a coronavirus in Italy, AFP and Reuters reported.

The star of the series Tom Cruise has not yet traveled to Italy and does not intend to go there under the current circumstances.