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Σκάρλετ Γιόχανσον- Κόλιν Τζοστ: Η πρώτη τους κοινή εμφάνιση στο κόκκινο χαλί μετά τη γέννηση του δεύτερου παιδιού τους

Στα 35α Βραβεία American Cinematheque.

Mystery: Woman Found on Inaccessible Island and Doesn't Know How She Got There

An unidentified woman was found on a hard-to-reach Croatian island, international agencies reported. She is conscious, but cannot say who she is and how she got there.

On September 12, the woman was spotted on the island of Krk by a boatman who alerted police.

Ruby, a missing 4-year dog, reunited with family, with help from Animal Police

A dog that disappeared more than a year ago and which since then has been searched by a family from western Arad was found by policemen at a distance of over 60 kilometers. Ruby is a dog aged four and a half years, black and very curious by nature, as the owners described the four-legged. He ran away from home in June 2020, and has been looked for ever since.