Cities in China

China reopens world’s third busiest port after partial virus halt

China reopened a key terminal at the world's third-busiest cargo port on Aug. 25, after a shutdown to control the coronavirus caused major backlogs elsewhere and worsened export already extended delays caused by the pandemic.


The halt at the eastern Ningbo-Zhoushan port started two weeks ago, when a worker at its Meishan terminal tested positive for the disease.

WHO team visits Wuhan hospital that took first Covid-19 patients

The team of World Health Organization experts investigating the origins of the coronavirus met staff on Jan. 30 at the Wuhan hospital that received the first confirmed Covid-19 cases, before a scheduled tour of a propaganda exhibition celebrating China's recovery from the pandemic.

Trapped for 2 weeks, 11 workers rescued from China gold mine

Eleven workers trapped for two weeks by an explosion inside a Chinese gold mine were brought safely to the surface on Jan. 24.

State broadcaster CCTV showed workers being hauled up one-by-one in baskets on Jan. 24 afternoon, their eyes shielded to protect them after so many days in darkness.